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The Indochinese American Council was founded in 1982 with the mission of helping disadvantaged, multi-racial, minorities, immigrants and refugees from all parts of the world to achieve social mobility through education, traditional art, and personal interaction.

The IAC’s first program offered English as a Second Language to address limited English skills which posed barriers to further education, employment, and satisfying participation in society. As participants’ English speaking and listening skills improved, the need to include Adult Basic Education to increase reading, writing and math skills became clear. Further, in order to support our students in their dreams, the IAC established a computer lab to support participants in obtaining their GED, participating in secondary education, and achieving meaningful employment. At the IAC, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and we strive to instill such values in every student that walks through our doors.

Youth afterschool and summer programs began as a way to address the issue of latchkey children in the community. IAC programs, offered at James Logan Elementary School and St. Helena Incarnation Catholic School, support the development of academic skills primarily through Project-Based Learning and homework help. Students are also expected to work together to solve problems and resolve conflict. Our youth programs work to foster cultural understanding and harmony amongst peers from different backgrounds. To this end, students focus on cultural studies through exposure to literature and art.

Today, the IAC continues to provide a multitude of resources to a community with access to a limited number of services. Our approach continues to be multifaced and aims to meet the current and changing needs of the community of Logan which we are proud to call our home.

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