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Meet Chad and Linda and others who we have helped to create a family. The photo of Chad and Linda was taken as Chad who was being deployed to Iraq.

Linda and Chad know the meaning of "service". They are not unlike many couples who find they have the stable, loving home to welcome a child but find they cannot conceive without the proper medical treatment.

Linda has Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and only has one fallopian tube. Without IVF, they will not have a chance to conceive.  Linda came to us a year ago and is now planning to go through a cycle of IVF thanks to INCIID's program "From INCIID the Heart" IVF Scholarship.

Chad &Linda, Rose and Manny, Danielle and Jay and so, so many others are recipients of the INCIID the Heart IVF Scholarship. There are many couples who need our help to create their families. Infertility and pregancy loss, loss of one's fertility and failed adoptions are many of the back stories for every day couples who need help to build their families. INCIID steps in to fill this gap.

INCIID was created in October 1994 to help couples find the best information to build their families. INCIID was literally the first infertility website to be available to consumers. In 2004 INCIID established the IVF scholarship - the first and only scholarship to provide IVF to couple with medical need but no insurance to cover the procedure. 

INCIID has provided more than $10 million in donated services thanks to the dedicated doctors and nurses who donated their services to people like Chad and Linda. Won't you help us too?

Browse through our pictures of couples and babies all helped through the INCIID the Heart IVF Scholarship program.

Tina and Phillip had twins. Tina has Cystic Fibrosis. Their twins were born last year during our snow storms.

Melody and Jim have two generations of "Heart Babies". The first baby was the second one born from the IVF Scholarship program (2005) and the second baby was born using frozen embryos harvested during the original free cycle of IVF.

These are ALL worthy families who just need a chance and through the generosity of physicians and donors INCIID is able to help them.


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