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This year, your tremendous efforts have propelled Inspirational Medicine further than we could have imagined. We have earned our 501(c)3 non-profit accreditation, forged our way into the minds and hearts of kids and teens, started a momentous outreach campaign, partnered with Sickle Cell Association of America, and are preparing our first annual report. We are incredibly thankful for everything you’ve done for us, but the journey doesn't end here. Because of this year’s success we have a reached an important juncture in our mission. 


We have aligned exciting partnerships, and require a moderate financial backing to bring our innovative technology to the fore of the patient experience. 


Specifically, we have the opportunity to fully implement Project iPad at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, leading to similar impact-driven programs at other hospitals and places of care. (Sinai, University of Maryland, City of Hope, Penn State Hershey, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). 


In order for this vision to be realized, we are calling on our crucial support system for help! 


iPad donations will fill the wings of the aforementioned hospitals with the hardware and software to reach the patient at his or her need. In order to work within the timeline of implementation that we have orchestrated with the participating hospitals we call on our incredible sponsors to propel us there. It has been your support that has brought us so far and we applaud your giving spirit. We know this is a busy and expensive time of year, but any donation would be a significant boost towards our goal. We have set a modest fundraising goal of $7,000, which we believe is realistic and completely doable in the time frame allotted.


Know that your donation will make an immediate impact, you will know exactly where it is going, and it is tax-deductible.  


Our vision is to have tablets in the hands of seriously ill children across a host of hospital patient networks. We will have each device connected to our mobile device management network in order to help foster the most impactful inspirational media and interactions among devices as well as heroes, idols and survivors outside our device network.  Children will no longer battle illness alone and families will have peace of mind as well as increased ease of communication with their loved ones. An ambitious vision indeed, but with your help we can continue to stride there.


We’ve made it easy to contribute safely and securely online through our fundraising webpage. Should you wish to send your gift by mail or phone, you will find the necessary information below. As always, check out our ever-growing website for everything inspirational. 


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