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The Intense Intestines Mission:

The Intense Intestines Foundation’s mission is to help patients in their journey with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies by connecting, supporting and educating those with IBD and their loves ones by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Connect: The IIF aims to connect those with Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) through unique event and social media engagement.  We want to combine a variety of events such as comedy to magic shows and also activities like hiking and kayaking to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies.  During these events, activities and social media experiences patients and their support networks will learn about themselves and have the opportunity to connect with others who are in similar situations with their IBD.  We would like all IBD patients to know they are not alone in their fight to beat these diseases.

Support: We are forming a community of individuals who are empowered to fight back against IBD conditions and live active, fulfilling lives.  We want everyone to have a support network around them to make their lives with IBD and ostomies easier.  The IIF will help introduce IBD patients with each other so they know they are not alone with their disease.

The Intense Intestines Scholarship is another way in which we provide support to members of the IBD community.  The scholarship is designed support young adults and IBD sufferers in their quest to achieve a higher education.  College isn’t easy, especially when considering overall rising costs, and having a condition like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis makes it much harder.  The IIF wants to make these years more enjoyable for IBD students and will help them in anyway we can.

The Intense Intestines IBDebt program is designed to help patients and their families with the medical bills that can quickly add up with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies. We have designed this program to help with a variety of medical bills including insurance, hospital, prescriptions, specialists and other medical bills.

Educate: Other programs which the Intense Intestines Foundation is working on include are the Never Stay Quiet Ambassador program to help patients who reach out the IIF while they are in times of need; the Never Stay Quiet video series, which allows those with IBD to find a story from someone that they can relate to, and the We Will Beat IBD podcast to educate the IBD community and others with a variety of topics.


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