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Needs grow rapidly in Polk County, WI .....                                                                                                      

The needs for our seniors and adults with disabilities continue to rise every year in our rural area.   More and more requests for rides, deliveries, visits, errands, and other much-needed services.

Our most vulnerable depend on our assistance, and even throughout the virus pandemic, help was given.

     ❤     Help essential to one's daily living and well-being.

     ❤     Help vital to one living independently.

     ❤       Help important to one regaining their independence.  Like Sandy...

Please give to help the growing needs of neighbors in our community!

                                                 Hi, I'm Sandy, and I have a traumatic brain injury (TBI).                                                                  

     On April 6, 2017, my life changed when I was accidentally hit by a moving vehicle. I suffered a level 5 TBI and was in a coma with a feeding tube. At 48 years old, my recovery looked grim, and my family faced "pulling the plug." There was a long list of things I would never be able to do, including speak and drive.  Well, one should never tell an Italian she can't speak!

     With faith and God as my head physician, I started my road to recovery.  Over the years, I have done inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation in 5 states:  FL, GA, TX, NM, and WI.  After lots of speech therapy, I'm now able to carry on a conversation.  Though, I still have trouble with my "R's."

     Last November, I moved to Dresser to be closer to family and continue my recovery.  I made appointments for driver's rehab and physical therapy.  However, I struggled to find affordable transportation to get me to my appointments, and it was too much for my family to do.  That's when my friend, Deb, suggested calling Interfaith Caregivers.  My sister also contacted Interfaith and encouraged me to call for help.  And I'm so glad  I did!

     In no time, volunteers were picking me up... sometimes 3 times a week.  We either head north to St. Croix Falls or south to the Courage Center in Stillwater.  So far, I've had 7 wonderful volunteers help, and all are amazing and very smart.  With each therapy session, I move my right arm, hand, leg, and foot a little more.  And I just finished my driver's lessons and passed the driving assessment.  All I need now is adaptive equipment installed in my van and then pass my driver's test with the DMV.  My hope is:  Maybe someday I'll be able to drive myself to therapy.

     Interfaith Caregivers is truly a blessing and a lifesaver in my recovery!  There's no way I could get to my appointments or afford transportation.  Please support Interfaith Caregivers by donating or volunteering.  I rely on their services.  Thank you ALL so much!  

Sandy is one of many in our community who depend on our no-cost services.  Every ride, every delivery, every visit counts on your generosity!

Your donation helps seniors and adults with disabilities stay safe, healthy, and happy at home.  Plus, your kindness gives hope to those like Sandy, who's working hard to recover and regain her independence. 

Please donate to make it possible to continue offering these much-needed services at no charge.  Your support will help meet the rapidly growing needs of our neighbors in Polk County!

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Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County

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