Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County

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These are difficult times as we deal with the spread of COVID-19...  

Our neighbors still need rides to medical appointments and banking...  people need help shopping, deliveries, and errands for groceries, medications and essential items from local businesses. And, with many elders staying at home, we are making more friendly phone calls to check in with these people too.

Your neighbors need our services more than ever.  And Interfaith needs your financial support more than ever. Please join us in helping our community in this time of need.  


Help people like Ethel and Fred…..

Ethel has COPD and is on oxygen everyday, all day. Needing groceries, she placed an order online. With her fragile health, she wanted to stay safe-at-home so she called Interfaith Caregivers for help with delivery. Our volunteer picked up her order from the store and delivered it to her. He even unloaded her groceries and put them on the table right inside her door. Gratefully, she says, “Thank you so much!  Now I don’t have to worry for a while.”


Fred called Interfaith Caregivers in desperate need of groceries.  He shared that he was on a fixed income, in a wheelchair after having a stroke and suffering with rheumatoid arthritis.  And, recently he lost his longtime caregiver. We thankfully found a volunteer willing to help. Since it was safer for both, our volunteer picked up Fred’s grocery list, shopped for him, and delivered the items he needed. He also picked up stamps for him at the Post Office. Fred exclaims, “You helped me out BIG time!  You really saved me!”


Your support helps people like Ethel and Fred and many others throughout Polk County by providing: 

Priority Rides:  For healthy clients having medical appointments, banking needs, groceries, pharmacy, and other rides deemed essential and can be done by “curbside to curbside” drop off/pick up. 

 Grocery Delivery: For clients ordering groceries (phone or online) for pick up, giving a grocery list for a volunteer to shop, or needing food pantry delivery. 

Errands: For clients with errands that can be done as a “door to door” service such as the post office, library, or prescriptions.  

Phone Visits: Are being made with our clients to ensure they have what they need and prevent social isolation.

Every ride, every delivery, every phone visit depends on you! 

During 2019, Interfaith Caregivers assisted 429 clients! Our 123 volunteers drove 93,713 miles and donated 7,121 hours helping their neighbors.  A record of 5,425 rides and 3,889 other services were provided!!

Your contribution makes it possible to offer these services at no charge.

Yet the most important outcomes are:

- knowing that someone cares

- keeping people connected to their community

- sharing time and stories


Join us by giving a gift to continue the rural tradition of neighbors helping neighbors in Polk County, WI 

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Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County

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PO BOX 833
2000 US Hwy 8 Suite 1
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715 483 8500

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