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InterFuture is an independent non-profit organization offering a unique study-abroad experience for exceptional undergraduate students.  Each year a select group of undergraduate students are accepted into the InterFuture program to design cross-cultural research projects and then conduct their individual research projects in one or two locales overseas.

In recent years it has become increasingly clear throughout our government, our education system, and the private sector that the intercultural knowledge and adaptability acquired through immersion in other societies is critical to America’s ability to establish good relations with other members of the community of nations.  However, InterFuture now faces new challenges in recruiting potential scholars from college campuses as the Department of Education moves to standardize the definition of the credit hour.  Over the last year, we have had great success reaching out to more institutions for their partnership with our organization so that we can continue to grow our program and increase student participation.  With your support, we are confident that InterFuture will be able to continue to provide a unique study-abroad experience to undergraduate students. 


"InterFuture was for me both humbling and empowering. It was humbling in that I was dropped into a completely new environment where I was a newcomer and had to start completely from scratch.  I've lived in a number of places, but have never let go of so many aspects of myself and opened myself up to as many different experiences as I did in Ghana.  Though I was prepared and had researched my topic as much as I could prior to going on locale, there was obviously so much to learn and there were times in the first couple of weeks when I felt that I knew very little. What was empowering was the progress that I found myself quickly making and the confidence that I gained from my experiences.  I know that I could not have achieved what I did in the past year and a half without the help of InterFuture staff and people in Ghana, without the support of my wonderful host family, and without my determination and hard work."         -Rea Zaimi, InterFuture Class of 2010


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