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Cancer. Cancer. Cancer.  It is everywhere as a most clever and determined foe, and we are seeing a spike in cases with younger and younger patients being diagnosed with lethal tumors of the breast, lung, colon, ovary, prostate, and pancreas, as well as rare blood cancers and rare tumors and sarcoma. ICAN's goal is to make sure that no patient is ever written off or sent home to die.  We provide tenacious advocacy and information services.

ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network, has handled more than 11,000 patient/caregiver cases throughout the United States and in 54 countries abroad, providing customized and direct patient navigation services, physician referrals at the patient's request, referrals to molecular profiling such as next-generation sequencing and immunoprofiling studies, research regarding clinical trials and compassionate use programs, and information services regarding the daily issues which cancer patients face throughout the course of their journeys with cancer.  ICAN has become a magnet for not only adult and pediatric cancers of all molecular subtypes but a focal point for rare tumor patients and patients who are dealing with more than one cancer at the same time.  

Taking a patient who has been "written off" by a medical center and sent home to die and outfitting that patient with new strategic options, a new treatment team, and new avenues of relief is what ICAN specializes in.

We have two goals, patient by patient, in the vanguard and in the trenches of personalized medicine:

1) Extend Life

2) With the Highest Quality of Life

We operate with a small staff and advocacy team plus a nearly 700-strong global volunteer network in Patient Services, Research Services, Lobbying and Legislation, and Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Management Programs.

We hope to earn your continuing support as a valued ICAN donor and/or as a volunteer.  We at ICAN are greatly appreciative of donations in any amount. All donations are fully tax-deductible (EIN 86-0818253).

Please call us at 602-618-0183 for further information, or please email us at

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