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To promote and foster public awareness of the peoples, cultures and current affairs of nations throughout the world and to encourage peace and understanding through various forms of media and other methods of information exchange. To develop television and radio programming with an international and educational perspective that is socially responsible, informative and entertaining, dealing with such topics as worldwide human rights, earth rights and environmental issues. To assist in the development of a new type of international and educational journalism in which the reporting of international events and conditions are reported in conjunction with people from those countries who are most affected by those events. To sponsor and promote television programming, symposia, lectures, conferences and workshops which foster communications between the peoples of all nations and the United States. To facilitate the training and orientation of journalists from other nations in the United States and abroad in order to develop the ability of indigenous peoples to obtain access to the media and public forums of the United States and the world. To provide "hands on" training in all aspects of video and television production. To assist foreign journalists in obtaining television/broadcast and video equipment, to advise regarding production techniques and assist with logistics of broadcasting and to provide production training and editorial advice. To organize and offer training seminars on international journalism and other programs and symposia with foreign journalists participating as guest speakers on topics regarding international news coverage from a global perspective.


ICGC provides Fiscal Sponsorship to a variety of different kinds of organizations who fit within the above mission statement. One on-going project is, which is a portal to media issues content from over 450 affiliated sites. This aggregated content represents the largest database of media news, reports, articles, and opinion pieces on-line. Once totally free, now has a small yearly membership fee and is available to the general public. also showcases original news and commentary from respected journalists, scholars and critics, written exclusively for the supersite. It actively encourages a cross-pollination of ideas from a wide variety of perspectives. Some contributors of original content include South Africa's Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer, New York Times Executive Editor Joe Lleyveld, and the novelist Eduardo Galeano of Uruguay. In addition, presents a daily media news digest culled from affiliated sites, international newspapers, wire services and trade publications -- with links to diverse original on-line sources. With its wide range of material and substantive content, is a model of innovative on-line news presentation at its best. While much of what is available on other sites reflects the commercial concerns of traditional outlets, makes good on the Internet's democratic potential by offering material that is diverse and of high quality.

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