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The world's attention is more on the North than on the South. Yet what happens in the countries of the South has a direct impact on the lives of people in the North. 


In the face of unprecedented challenges confronting the global news industry, IPS has never failed its readers. Our journalists continue to report from where they live - in the developing countries of the South. 


Our journalists bring you first-hand views from those people who are striving for a better life each day. We ask you to join our efforts and those of our partners for justice and equality to bring changes in the developing countries where women, men, youth and children can lead lives of dignity. Progress cannot wait and it is within your power as informed citizens to ignite action for change now.

We value you as a partner in our daily efforts to bring information, news and analysis from the developing world. IPS has been able to operate for over five decades because you support our work.


Would you consider a $20.00 contribution today that will help to keep the IPS news wire active?


Your contribution will make a huge difference. Every dollar donated by our readers ensures a steady flow of current and relevant human stories. Without your generous help, this unique news agency might have to draw the curtain.


Your contribution today  will also help fulfill the mission at the core of IPS: bridging a wide information gap that affects many lives today.


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