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Jacaranda Health is transforming maternity care in East Africa. We believe that all women - rich or poor - deserve a respectful, safe experience in childbirth, and we have developed a model for delivering extremely high-quality care affordably. Our own maternity center has provided world-class, friendly maternal healthcare to over 50,000 women. 

We are also working to spread the love and improve care in Kenya's busy government hospitals: we partner with over 100 government hospitals to train nurses in improved obstetric skills and provide mobile health tools that help moms ask important pregnancy questions and access care more reliably. These innovations have proven to be a cost-effective way to improve outcomes for moms and babies:  improving uptake of critical prenatal and postnatal visits, and reducing life-threatening complications in hospitals like postpartum hemorrhage.  

Your donations will ensure more mothers and babies experience dignified and safe childbirth. For example:

  • For $75, we can provide high-impact education and advise through pregnancy to 100 women through their mobile phones.
  • For $150, we can mentor a public hospital nurse who can safely deliver hundreds of babies a year. 
  • $500 helps us support a training event for 10 public sector nurses who can teach breastfeeding to thousands of mothers.
  • $5,000 helps us launch another partnership with a public hospital serving over 10,000 women a year. 

Will you join us and help transform maternal and newborn health care in East Africa?

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Jacaranda Health

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Health International Children & Family


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