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Student Emergency Fund

At Jefferson Community & Technical College, the median family income of students applying for financial aid is $16,500. Fortunately, these students are taking a critical step in creating better lives for themselves and their families by enrolling in college.

For many, however, who often must juggle college, work and family responsibilities, life runs on a razor's edge. What would be a small emergency to most people can derail their academic progress and crush their dreams.

The stories are heartbreaking. An "A" student feared she would have to drop out with only weeks to graduation, because she couldn't afford the bus tickets to come to class. Another could not afford the diapers required by her daughter's day care center; she dropped out because she had no place to take her daughter while she attended class. One student lost his books when his apartment was damaged in a fire. He couldn't afford to replace them.

A sick child. A car repair. A plumbing need. Each of these unanticipated expenses can mean a Jefferson student will not make it to graduation and a better life.

Your donation will go to the JCTC Student Emergency Fund. Students in good academic standing with good track records will be eligible to apply for the funds in times of need. Your generosity can help students escape the "tyranny of the moment” that so many face as they work toward graduation. You can help ensure that students stay on the path to graduation and better lives.

Jefferson Community & Technical College

Jefferson Community & Technical College is based in Louisville, Kentucky, but has campuses in Bullitt, Carrollton and Shelby County. It enrolls more than 20,000 students a year on six campuses and in online programs.

The college’s vibrant, diverse environments encourage a culture of learning and success. Jefferson welcomes students of all ages and academic preparation. While other colleges pride themselves on the number of students they turn away, Jefferson opens wide its arms to all students seeking a higher education.

Students generally earn an Associate Degree in Arts or Associate Degree in Science that allows them to transfer into four-year programs as a junior. Or they prepare for careers in a number of high demand, high wage jobs, such as nursing, automotive technology, plumbing and information technology.

Most students say they would not have been able to attend college without Jefferson. They come for tuition rates that are one-third to one-fourth that of other colleges. Some choose Jefferson for campuses that are close to home or jobs. Others come because they benefit from small classes and the college’s extensive support systems.

You can help Jefferson be there for students when they need help the most. Please consider a donation to the student emergency fund. Your gift is guaranteed to make a difference in the life of a

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