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In 2005 my family and I relocated here from New Orleans, LA due a disaster that had destroyed our home. We did not have a lot money and the LJCC provide us with scholarships which help us put our children in daycare. While being there, our children have developed necessary skills, such as improving their literacy, learning how to write their name at the age of 2 and swimming at 18 months.  The Cohn Early Childhood Center provides a diverse atmosphere which is very beneficial to our children because it has broadened their understanding of the diversity of the world.  We feel that our children have received a high quality education while attending the program. We are truly grateful for all the assistance that has been provided for us and has been a foundation of hope in our time of need. With your generous support, we hope that they can continue giving families the opportunity of hope as they did for us.  The Cohn Early Childhood Center is a great place and we will continue to experience all that it offers.

Deborah is a member of the JOY Club. She is retired, but active and has some medical problems. She has limited income and said she cannot afford to come to some of our programs. We have worked out a special plan with her so she can still attend the films, lunches and events we hold at the JCC. Often, she will come for free or pay very little.

At least a couple of times in the past, doctors told Belynda Adams she might not walk again.  But the now-involved tri-athlete and skydiver knows that if you “tri” hard enough with strong will, along with help from the J’s talented personal trainers, anything is possible.

On May 30, Memorial Day, Belynda will again compete in the Sterne Agee LJCC Triathlon and continues to work with LJCC Director of Personal Training, Susan Finley, to further her miraculous comeback success story.  “I have had more than 20 major surgeries on all four of my extremities, including bone grafts, plates, screws, rods, resulting in leg length variation and complete patella loss in my left leg,” she said. (As the result of a serious automobile collision in 1982 and a 2002 skydiving accident).  “I had accepted that life was as good as it was going to get and that I would never be active or pain-free again.”

That was until a friend recommended the LJCC and Belynda, 52, joined a few years ago.  “I really wasn’t committed to rehab until I joined.  But Susan has been so encouraging.  It has given me hope.”

In 2008, she went with a friend to the Irongirl Triathlon in Georgia.  Belynda had never competed in a triathlon or marathon, but was inspired by the event.  She competed the following summer, despite the fact that she could only do a “fast walk” in the running portion.  Susan told her about the first annual LJCC Triathlon last Memorial Day and Belynda entered that event as well.

“Susan works with me to set goals.  Setting goals is so important-it gives you that motivation,” she said.  In 2010, Belynda competed in an amazing seven sprint and/or relay triathlon events (she has signed up to compete in several more this year too).  She trained/rehabbed with Susan as well as swimming and group fitness classes such as Spin as well as RPM.  Belynda also recently made her 600th sky jump and enjoys life every day.  “At first I was self-conscious, embarrassed by the scars and my limitations.  But thanks to Susan and the LJCC, I have come through.  What used to be a chore is now something I look forward to,” she said.  “And what I enjoy most is helping others.  I tell my story to others and I hope I can motivate those who have been through similar situations.”

Tom is an 11 year old that started coming here about 3 years ago.  He lives with his older brother, divorced mom, and grandfather.  Before becoming a member, Tom spent all of his summers and after school time at home with nothing much to do.  His grandfather kept him while his mom was at work.  As a result, Tom became an avid computer game payer. Coming to the “J” has helped Tom in several ways.  He has learned to socialize with people his own age, is able to handle keeping up with his belongings, and he has become more active.  The young college age men that work here are very kind to him and try to be a mentor for him.  Tom is here almost every day that we are open.  It is obvious that we are a big part of his life and are having a positive impact upon his quality of life.

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