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People from diverse backgrounds, each with a different personal need come to our “village” seeking support and fulfillment. At JFCS, we welcome them all, because their needs are human needs that transcend race, religion, ethnic origin, age and gender.

Meet Jacob: at age thirty-seven, Jacob was in and out of three jobs in less than two years and was still unsure what he really wanted to do.  Through consultation with professional counselors at JFCS, Jacob took a series of assessments to define his preferences and capabilities.  He attended the JFCS Job Seekers Resource Group to fine tune his presentation skills and utilized The Gateway Project job search program.  After six months, Jacob began a career in sales and is content with his decision.

Meet Bill; a 79 year-old retired teacher in good health who broke his leg from a fall in his home and temporarily has to use a walker.  Through the JFCS Senior Concierge HomeCare, Bill has help with cleaning, laundry and food preparation until he is able to manage on his own.  To get to his doctor’s appointments, he is using the JFCS PALS transportation program’s new handicap accessible van.  Bill’s recuperation period has been made easier so he can concentrate on the healing process.

Meet Elena; after a bitter divorce between her parents, Elena was having a difficult time.  Her mother began receiving calls from school about misbehavior and slipping grades.  Through therapy at JFCS, counselors learned that Elena had self- esteem and relationship issues with peers and her parents. She was able to develop a more realistic picture of herself and learned strategies to deal with changing relationships.  Elena and her mother report much improvement in her grades, feelings about herself and relationships with others.

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