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Jewlicious is a platform for excitement
Eight Jewlicious Festivals, 2 Summer Festivals, countless educational, spiritual and cultural events, daily Jewish news and ideas served to hundreds of thousands of people around the world via one of the most popular Jewish blogs, support, consultation and mentoring to inumerable innovative projects - Jewlicious promotes an inclusive, non-denominational and exciting vision of Judaism, what it is and what it can be, thanks to your help and support. 

Our mission
We seek to expand participation in Jewish life through music, events, and festivals. Jewlicious inspire's the next generation of Jewish leaders, innovators and community members. We want young adults to make informed choices about what role Judaism should play in their lives. Choices based on a vision of Judaism that is relevant, exciting and personally and socially rewarding.

How you can help
You can make a tax deductible donation in any amount or if your life has been affected positively by Jewlicious, leave a comment or testimonial. Share this with your friends and family or contact us and volunteer your time and ideas.

All funds raised will help Jewlicious meet the growing demands for our services; more Festivals, more exciting Web content in more languages, more inspiration... just more! 

Matching Grant!
A kind and generous anonymous donor has agreed to match up to $30,000 worth of donations made between now and August 16th. Every dollar you donate will provide two dollars toward helping Jewlicious fulfil its mission! How cool is that??

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