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On behalf of the Johns Creek Arts Center your donation will be given to benefit the homeless mothers and their children living at the Drake House in Roswell.  Drake House, a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving women and children experiencing homelessness is unique in its commitment to keeping family units intact. In many shelters male children older than ten are not allowed to remain with their mothers and are placed in other facilities. Drake House serves single mothers and children through their teenage years.

The relationship between the Johns Creek Arts Center and  the Drake House began in 2018 with the arts center providing regularly scheduled art enrichment classes to the children at the Drake House.  Since its inception the JCAC has provided more than 30 art enrichment experiences serving more than 100 Drake House residents. 

 Younger Drake House residents recently visited the arts center where they were treated to an art class, gallery games, a pizza party and received a gift of art supplies to take home. Drake House youngsters were also honored guests at our annual MLK Birthday Celebration featuring a storyteller, art class and other games.  A week long summer camp for elementary school students residing at Drake House is scheduled for summer 2020.

The JCAC also provides art enrichment experiences for teens residing at Drake House.  Working with Caroline Choe, Drake House Student Services Coordinator, the Johns Creek Arts Center schedules art classes to engage the older children living at Drake House.  During 2019 JCAC provided instruction and supplies for 10 classes. Projects ranged from very traditional art media like acrylic painting on canvas and watercolor to more unusual projects suggested by the teens themselves. We plan to continue this program as currently structured through 2020.

Caroline Choe, Drake House Student Services Coordinator just last week expressed their need for funding to purchase Kroger gift cards in order for their mother's to purchase groceries and cleaning supplies.  Kroger is within walking distance to the living facilities.  100% of your donation will be given to this wonderful and deserving organization.

Every gift matters and is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,

Johns Creek Arts Center

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