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The primary service and core expertise of the organization is long term affordable rental housing. To maintain the economic, age, and racial diversity of the Adams-Morgan neighborhood, Jubilee Housing must maintain its properties, now 10 in the portfolio, which are home to more than 700 residents. The long-term affordability of these units maintains that Washington, DC remains livable for all residents. Additionally, the low-turnover and high desirability of Jubilee Housing rental units means the organization must keep growing to respond to the increasing needs of a local crisis.

There are three primary programmatic focuses: one program focuses on the youth of Jubilee community, and nurturing them for life success. The other program focuses on adults in the Jubilee community, and empowering these individuals to achieve their life goals, while the last focuses on assisting reentry citizens back into society.  

Through its youth program, Jubilee Youth Services (JYS), Jubilee Housing has continued to demonstrate its commitment toward breaking the reinforcing cycle of poverty and promoting social mobility. Nurturing the children of the Jubilee community has been crucial toward these goals. JYS is a year-round, out-of-school time program that creates a safe, supportive environment for nearly 35 under-served youth, who benefit from academic support, enrichment activities, meaningful relationships and a place of belonging that would otherwise be unavailable. Programs are aimed at three school age groups: Early Start (K-2), Activity Zone (3-6) and Teen Renaissance (7-12). Thus far, JYS has been a great success. All JYS graduates are currently enrolled in college. JYS is supported through programming space in the Ritz Building (Teen Renaissance Center), The Mozart Building (Activity Zone program) and the Fuller Court Building (Early Start program).

Jubilee's Resident Life Department serves residents by nurturing opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and independence. Programming areas include computer literacy, financial literacy, employment support, healthy housing, and more. Resident Life activities are supported by over 8,000 sq. feet of program space. The Jim and Patty Rouse Hall serves as a space for gatherings and meetings and the Gaye Beasley Haynes Learning Center as a computer lab that allows residents to gain new skills, access the internet, and bridge the digital divide.

Reentry Initiative: This project, focusing on community reentry for the formerly incarcerated, is in an earlier stage of development. This initiative will provide a comprehensive network of support, among several partners, for reentering individuals that includes housing, employment opportunities, health care, skills development, counseling, spiritual support, and more. Both properties have been acquired, and this project meets a critical need as it will reduce homelessness and recidivism in the District. This project has been created in direct response to a local crisis, as the DC Department of Corrections estimates that over 2200 individuals that are released from jail each year in Washington DC whose immediate destination is likely the streets or shelters.

In addition to all of these programmatic endeavors, the organization kept itself busy tackling the affordable housing crisis by acquiring an additional property-- the Maycroft Apartments.

This historic, mixed-use property will fully renovate 64 units of long-term affordable housing, with affordability ranging from below 30% AMI to workforce residents earning as much as 80% AMI. In addition to the housing itself, the property will be renovated to include a community room as well as nearly 7,500 square feet of commercial space on the terrace level. This commercial space will house two non-profit service providers; most likely, an expansion of a partner early childcare development center, and Jubilee Youth Services' Teen Renaissance program.

The above projects exemplify Jubilee's ambitious mission, to provide not only housing, but new opportunities. The aforementioned projects show the depth and breadth of Jubilee programming, and defined space for each program reflects the organization's dedication and commitment . These spaces are necessary, as it allows Jubilee Housing to extend beyond the traditional reach of affordable housing, and allows residents to alter the trajectories of their lives.



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