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The Kibble Kitchen Pet Pantry, is an all-volunteer organization founded in January 2011, with the hopes that by providing free supplemental pet food to families that are suffering financial hardships, we would then reduce the number of pets entering our local shelters and on the streets. These families were going without to feed their pets, mixing bread & tuna water as a meal for the cat, or going without their own personal medication to purchase the cheapest bag or box of pet food from the local dollar store.

Our organization also works to promote responsible pet ownership. Clients are required to have their pets spayed or neutered to receive assistance from us. We feel they should be part of the solution and not part of the problem of the growing over pet population. We work with a local low cost spay/neuter clinic in Munster, and a each client that has a pet not altered already will be awarded a certificate to have the surgery & vaccinations done at no cost. We also offer emergency medical visits, and our newest program covers the cost of euthanasia when one cannot afford the high costs. Local veternarians refer a family to us and we assist with the cost when a pet is suffering an illness, age, or injury.

There have been many clients we have seen leave the program when their finances changed, others still awaiting that moment in life when their head will be above water and until then we will be there for them. In 2012 our founder received a call from a gentleman asking for assistance spaying & neutering 3 stray cats. He had been trying to save money to cover the costs but it was becoming more difficult for him. This money he was saving was his monthly budget for his heart medication. Once this was told to our founder she insisted on covering all costs. One requirement was he used the saved funds to buy the medication he needed. In July 2013 an envelope addressed to our founder was retrieved from the PO BOX inside was a heartfelt thank you from him and the 3 cats. Also was a check covering the costs of the surgeries including a thank you again I have my head above water now and would like to give back to your cause! This letter and many other stories like this touch your heart and make one want to push harder and achieve more just so additional pets and families can be helped. 

Your donation today will allow us to help additional families & pets across NW Indiana. We believe no pet should go hungry and we will work together to accomplish this!

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