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KU Studios, Kids Unlimited is where any child regardless of physical ability and musicality can:

Perform as one of our performing group members and know what it feels like to shine.
Dance your heart out and learn to do so with solid technique.
Sing that song that is in you and let others hear it, loud and clear.
Act out and get a standing ovation. 


With the primary purpose of providing Tucson youth with an opportunity to exhibit their individualism through the performing arts, Kids Unlimited is committed to providing a safe stage for all of those who love to perform. The goal of Kids Unlimited is to build confidence and self-esteem in all of our performers. Kids Unlimited gives them the chance to express their creativity as they blossom into inspired and successful young adults.

Our lessons are planned so that performers and dancers will: 
Be safe
Feel secure
Receive individual attention and encouragement
Develop self-discipline
Experience success in order to develop a positive self-image
Develop singing, dancing and acting skills

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Kids Unlimited

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