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Successful LGBTQ youth:

-         Have access to opportunities for leadership and growth

-         Have access to environments where they are accepted and free of harassment and

-         Have access to adult mentors who model diverse examples of success. 

Kaleidoscope’s youth community center is a physical space that provides this important access for over 175 youth per year who make over 1,300 visits.  Such access equips and empowers youth to confront a number of challenges, from sexual and gender identity, to minority identity (in 2012, 40% were youth of color), to socioeconomic status (a majority qualify for free or reduced school lunches). 

Youth with multiple minority identities are found to be at higher risk for lower academic achievement and harmful behaviors, making a place like Kaleidoscope an important piece of their journey to success.

Kaleidoscope recognizes that a single community center cannot serve the entire Central Ohio community.  Youth must be able to find multiple welcoming spaces that provide youth with the access and empowerment so key to their success. 

Kaleidoscope has responded to research indicating the need for more accessible open and affirming spaces for LGBTQ youth in all communities, by establishing a GSA Network – KYC Connect.  Students and teachers are trained, informed, and provided with resources to establish and maintain successful GSAs, and thus safe space, for all students in the school. 

In just two years, Kaleidoscope’s GSA network efforts have resulted in contact with youth and GSAs from over 20 schools representing a student population of over 17,000 and contact with youth-serving adults from over a dozen schools, community agencies and private practices with combined employee count of over 500.


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