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WarmLine is a peer mentor program for young mothers, focusing on healthy family relationships and positive parenting.  Moms with young children come together and learn how they can support each other while exploring parenting styles and community resources.

WarmLine holds a Mom and Baby group and a Mom and Toddler group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Groups are held at RiverLakes Church, at Hageman and Calloway, in room 104 of the education building.

Mothers find meaningful relationships with other young mothers as they explore the challenges happening in their families.  A WarmLine volunteer facilitates the group, guiding their discussions toward solutions that foster healthy family relationships.  Postive parenting skills are shared and demonstrated during the group sessions.

WarmLine holds monthly education sessions with speakers covering common parenting topics.  

email: for meeting details.


Baby Cafe is a drop-in breastfeeding support group, staffed by volunteer IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants).  Mothers come to Baby Cafe, with their babies, to receive the edcuation and support they need to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with their baby. Scales are available to weigh baby, too!

Baby Cafe is an international organization. Bakersfield's Baby Cafe is the FIRST Baby Cafe on the West Coast!  

Baby Cafe Bakersfield meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm at St Paul's Church in downtown Bakersfield. We offer free breastfeeding support in a welcoming, non-medical environment and an IBCLC© is always available to ensure we can provide evidence-based, practical information about your breastfeeding situation. We have a pediatrician-grade baby scale if you'd like to weigh your baby. We help mothers navigate breastfeeding and learn how to express milk, store theirexpressed milk, communicate with well-meaning friends and family who offer non-helpful opinions on breastfeeding, information about how babies sleep, how and when to begin offering complementary foods to a baby, guidance on normal infant development and milestones, growth challenges, managing illness with a breastfeeding baby, and so much more. We also assist mothers who need help determining if their baby has tongue or lip restrictions that are affecting breastfeeding. Our IBCLCs are very experienced and can offer helpful guidance in all breastfeeding situations. Baby Cafe is open to any breastfeeding family, there is no cost to attend, and we'd love to meet you and your baby!

((An IBCLC is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, an individual who has studied basic health sciences including early childhood development, obtained lactation-specific education, and documented hundreds or thousands of clinical hours assisting breastfeeding babies and their families. IBCLC is a stand-alone healthcare credential which means it is not automatically awarded to anyone, and there is no other credential which signifies that an individual has studied as extensively the field of human lactation, including physicians.))


Want to help in your community?  Is it hard to get out with a young child?  Ever thought of becoming a lactation professional?  Then come to a meeting!  Either WarmLine or Baby Cafe can get you connected to a group of terrific moms who are making a difference in our community!


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