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As we move forward in our fight for justice, we understand deeply that the rights week seek affect are our immediate family members.  The rights of our parents to live with dignity in their later years.  The rights of our children to receive a college education and living wage which are now unfortunately reserved for the privileged.  Our fight for equal rights, civil rights and human rights is our driving force as all who work with La Raza have experienced an infringement of these rights within our families.

Our fight for immigrant rights is the most significant of human rights, civil rights and equal rights that continue to be violated.  Immigrant mothers and children continue to be detained and detention centers continue to be built to profit the top one percent of our society.  We work to continue to ensure immigration status so that families are not separated, to ensure wages are paid so that hard working families remain stable, to ensure families do not become homeless and to ensure seniors live a dignified life. 

Please partner with us in the fight for justice, for immigrant rights, for civil rights, for human rights and for equal rights.  Our success ensuring the rights of hundreds of families would not be possible without your support! 

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La Raza Centro Legal-San Francisco

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