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Who We Are…
Established in 1927, Louisiana Association for the Blind (L.A.B.) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the blind through training, services and employment. As a part of National Industries for the Blind (NIB), L.A.B. participates in the nation's AbilityOne program, providing quality products to the government made by Americans with visual and other severe disabilities.

What We Do…
We provide opportunity. L.A.B. produces over 250 different SKILCRAFT® products such as copy paper, peel-and-stick nonskid, and more goods to support our manufacturing programs. Our direct labor workforce includes 80% visually impaired employees. In addition to providing jobs we operate a Low Vision Rehabilitation Center that offers training and services for people of all ages with low vision blindness.

To further support the training and rehabilitation programs, L.A.B. operates L.A.B. Printing and Office Supply, which offers a full range of digital printing, design and mailing services. Plus, our website offers over 50,000 office supplies like cleaning products, office furniture, equipment, and much more. Please visit https://labprintingandofficesupply.com/ for a full menu. Purchasing printing and office supplies from L.A.B. creates additional job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired, and supports training and services through L.A.B.'s Community Services sector.

L.A.B. Community Services
Provides a full range of services and low vision products for people of all ages, who are legally blind or low vision. Community Services includes three areas:
• Low Vision Clinic, which offers Low Vision Evaluations after referral from an eye care professional;
• Sensory Aids Store, which offers the latest assistive technology to enhance remaining vision;
• Low Vision Training Center, which offers complete rehabilitation services and programs for all ages
L.A.B. depends on the compassion and generosity of donors to provide these critical services to the blind and visually impaired of our community.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Center Programs:
Independent Living: Life skills training includes communications, cooking, money management, Braille, mobility and safety. This training builds independence and confidence to live life with new skills for self-reliance.

Orientation & Mobility Training: Enables a person to determine where he or she is in relation to the environment and how to use appropriate devices to travel in that environment.

Children's Program: Provides specialized services and training between birth and three years in developing basic motor, mobility, sensory and social skills necessary to learning.

Older Blind Program: A peer support group for persons 55 and older, who are legally blind. We help seniors understand vision loss, as well as assist in obtaining coping mechanisms for blindness and mastering the problems of living with low vision.

Employment Services: As an approved provider for Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS), we teach clients the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce.

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