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LADACIN Network’s mission is to provide a continuum of care, including educational, therapeutic, social, residential and support services to infants, children and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays. Since its founding in 1949 by a group of parents seeking therapy for their children with cerebral palsy, the Agency has brought together a network of volunteers, qualified staff, people with disabilities and their families dedicated to providing vital services. 


Our programs include: Early Intervention, Child Care Services, School Programs, Adult Day Programs, Vocational/Supported Employment Programs, Residential and Family Support Services. Included in these programs are physical, occupational and speech therapy; nursing support; social work services; specialized clinic services; lift equipped transportation; vocational and pre-vocational training; personal assistant services; home health aide services; respite programs; and assistive technology.


LADACIN Network and its constituents have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. We continue to operate and provide services to the most vulnerable citizens in our counties who have very specialized and complex needs. LADACIN has experienced decreases in funding and increased expenses. Our gaps in funding include a 50% reduction in funding to adult day programs, and temporary closures in Early Intervention program and Child Care with subsequent decreases in services and income. In addition to funding cuts, three special events/fundraisers have been cancelled, with the potential for more. 


LADACIN Network provides a continuum of care, including educational, therapeutic, social, residential and support services to infants, children and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays. The Agency provides lifetime services to over 3,500 individuals and their families.  

The people we serve have significant disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, head trauma, spinal cord injury, autism, chromosomal anomalies, rare syndromes, and related neurological, cognitive, communication and mobility impairments. Many of our students and clients are dependent for activities of daily living and for personal care. They require long-term comprehensive services in order to maintain function and prevent secondary conditions.

Our 9 residential facilities are operating around the clock with increased costs, such as tens of thousands being spent on PPE, increased food costs, and increased staffing. Residential clients are now home 24/7 whereas they were previously out of the home in day programs at least 7 hours a day on weekdays. Additionally overtime and incentive pay costs have increased.

Due to COVID-19 it became necessary to provide learning and therapeutic instruction to students and adult clients via technology. Instruction is taking place in students’ homes and in our adult residential facilities. Our Early Intervention Program is now offering families the option of in-home or remote evaluations and sessions. We have re-opened our schools virtually and are phasing in onsite services. Therapy will be provided for our students onsite and through Zoom and ClassDojo for students at home. Our Adult Day Programs are technically closed, but are increasing remote opportunities for clients and families. October 5, 2020 is the projected date for the re-opening of our Adult Day Programs.


The obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic presents are especially difficult for our LADACIN family because of the breadth of our network, the unique nature of each program and the vulnerability of our population. With your help we will continue to serve our most vulnerable citizens! Your donation will enable our infants, children and adults with disabilities to benefit from the educational, therapeutic and recreational programs and services we provide.

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