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Lansing Christian offers a comprehensive educational program for students in grades Pre-K through 8. The Bible is at the center of all instruction and all teaching is done from a Christian perspective. Because society is fast moving, ever-changing, and ethically demanding, the Christian school curriculum is re-examined constantly to jettison the non-essentials and archaic, while holding firmly to the anchor points. The academic program at Lansing Christian meets all state requirements and is fully recognized. Our students are energetic, curious, strong in body and mind. They come in all shapes and sizes, full of youthful zest and enthusiasm, ready and willing to learn. Our students come from a variety of economic backgrounds, different church affiliations, and cultures. Yet they share a common desire to know God and answer His call for their lives. They are God’s covenant children given to us as home and school in trust. We are proud of our students! They represent the future. Our students and graduates become leaders who assume positions of responsibility within their churches, communities, and professions. Students are able to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. In addition to the interscholastic athletic activities, such as track and field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and running club, students may participate in a fine arts program that includes instrumental and vocal music, art and science fairs, language arts, math, and science Olympiads, spelling contests, school plays, young authors activities, as well as in a variety of activity clubs.

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