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Although Latinas are the fastest growing group of female school-aged youth, according to the Census by 2060 Latinas will constitute 30% of the female population in the U.S.

The Latina population is faced with unique stressors which make it imperative for organizations to provide culturally sensitive services.    

Below are some alarming issues currently being faced by young Latinas:

  • Latinas are the fastest growing group of female school-aged youth, however they lack Latina professionals at the school level with whom they can identify.
  • At 42% Latinas have the highest female dropout rate in the U.S. this is relevant because Latinas who drop out of high school meet far more severe economic costs than their female counterparts.  
  • Young Latinas hold the highest rates of depression and attempted suicide rates.
  • Many of our Latina youth lack educational and career role models among their family members and peers to help them set and reach their goals.
  • Latinas have the highest teen pregnancy rate of any racial or ethnic group in the U.S.

Through its programs, LLT provides leadership skills, cultural identity activities, career exploration, college preparation, and mentoring in a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages its members to strive for personal excellence. LLT's model addresses the above issues through pregnancy and drug abuse prevention programs, social media awareness, financial literacy, adolescent mental health seminars, violence prevention, and a leadership building skills curriculum. Our programs strive to raise the self-confidence of Latina adolescents, raise expectations for their future, and help them excel academically so they can realize their full potential.  LLT promotes civic engagement, community service and team work among its members with the ultimate goal of Latina empowerment.

LLT's overriding goals are:

  • Develop the leadership potential of Latinas
  • Impact educational achievement
  • Help Latinas build confidence in themselves and foster pride in their culture
  • Cultivate in Latinas a greater commitment to community engagement
  • Provide Latinas with access to professional and academic experiences

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