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Leadership Kentucky, created in 1984 as a non-profit educational organization, brings together a selected group of people that possess a broad variety of leadership abilities, career accomplishments, and volunteer activities to gain insight into complex issues facing the state. Our goal is to prepare our participants to take an active role in advancing the state for the common good. By fostering understanding of how the state’s issues are interconnected, and by forging new relationships among community and regional leaders, Leadership Kentucky graduates bring a fresh and informed perspective to their communities and companies, serving as important participants in the unified effort to shape Kentucky’s future.
Through a series of seven monthly, two-day sessions, held in various locations in the state, participants are educated about the state of Kentucky and its challenges. They meet and talk with Kentucky’s current leaders and through a systematic educational program, explore the state’s opportunities, needs and resources. Kentucky’s rich cultural heritage and its unique diversity are woven throughout the curriculum that features the state’s economy, education, health and human services, law and justice, and environment. In addition, Leadership Kentucky provides a thought-provoking experience focusing on the attributes of leadership and what it means to be a leader. By visiting various regions of the Commonwealth, the participants develop an enhanced view and a new meaning to the word community that spans the entire state.
Leadership Kentucky strives to maintain a geographical, occupational, ethnicity and gender balance among participants. Leadership Kentucky is a 501C-3, non-profit educational organization dedicated to developing talents and energies of Kentucky’s present and future leaders. Our legal name is Leadership Kentucky Foundation, Inc.

Leadership Kentucky’s Mission broadens the perspectives of current and emerging leaders through experiential education that inspires them to advance Kentucky.


Our Vision is Leadership Kentucky will connect and inspire leaders to unleash Kentucky’s potential.


Our Core Values


œ Accountability

The Board of Directors and Staff of Leadership Kentucky accept full responsibility for the actions, vitality, and brand equity of the organization.



We are passionate and determined to provide rigorous and challenging programs for leaders and emerging leaders of Kentucky.



Throughout our work, we will support diversity in all of its forms, encompassing but not limited to age, disability, status, economic circumstance, geography, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.



We strive for the highest personal and professional standards in all we do. We are committed to excellence in our staff, our programs and our graduates.



Through program experiences and state-wide networking, Leadership Kentucky will provide inspiration for participants to advance the Commonwealth.



Through fairness, mutual respect and compassion, honesty and the highest ethical standards we will sustain a community of trust.



Our spirit to serve makes our culture more vibrant, our organization stronger, and Kentucky a better place. 


Leadership Kentucky Goals

  • To build a network of actively engaged alumni who provide solutions for critical issues facing the Commonwealth.
  • To ensure programming is current, relevant, and engaging to identified/targeted constituencies.
  • To sustain the organization’s financial health in order to deliver the premiere leadership programs in the state.
  • To educate and communicate that Leadership Kentucky is the premiere leadership program in Kentucky.
  • To attract highly-qualified candidates who represent the diversity in Kentucky.

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