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With every Leadership Louisville Center interaction, opportunities open up for individuals and our community.

Personal connections, fresh viewpoints, steps into the unfamiliar – through these experiences, we empower people to change anything – from themselves to the world.

For our community to thrive, these opportunities can’t be limited by financial resources. Otherwise, the potential for greatness will be limited, and our community will lose the talent of leaders from all backgrounds.

Give today and contribute to the human capital responsible for moving our community forward.
Without your help, these stories wouldn’t be told:

"I cannot begin to guess the number of additional lives we will be able to change because of the Leadership Louisville Center’s Ignite Louisville program! Our Ignite Louisville team has taken us in a direction that would not have been possible without their knowledge, leadership and hard work!"
- Danielle Archer, St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities

“As a result of Focus Louisville, I feel a greater sense of civic duty and engagement. I have already begun helping Supplies Over Seas (the non-profit I visited during Focus) develop an IT strategy for managing their warehouse. Had I not participated in the program, I may have remained in the silo of the startup community, and could have overlooked sectors such as non-profits, education, and law enforcement. Thank you for the scholarship that made my participation possible.”
-Zack Pennington, CEO - Kentucky Chia

"There is no way YouthBuild Louisville would be where it is today without the Leadership Louisville Center. Each interaction with the Center has expanded the sphere of opportunity for me and my agency. The connections, fresh viewpoints and resources have opened possibilities for us.”
- Lynn Rippy, YouthBuild Louisville

“I’m so grateful for the scholarship that made it possible for me to do a Leadership Louisville Center program. I made so many new connections that will help me professionally but will also be great resources for my students. Every citizen should have this opportunity! I really do think it will change the way I do business and I am very excited about educating my colleagues and students to what I’ve learned.”
- Rebecca Mercer, Presentation Academy

“Ignite Louisville increased my professional capacity and network as well as my philanthropic interests. I’m now empowered to make a valuable contribution to our community.”
-Amy Seng, University of Louisville Athletics

“The new contacts, the energy and the love for the community are all tangible outcomes that I will reference and connect in the near and distant future. But more importantly, the program was designed to make us all accountable for the success of our community. I was able to see the connection between our community and entrepreneurs, and the contribution by entrepreneurs to education, job creation and growth, vital elements for a thriving community. Thank you for the scholarship which enabled me to get out of my ‘bubble’!”
-Alice Cissell, MHA, Edumedics® – Moving Healthward

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