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The Leary Firefighters Foundation was founded in 2000 by actor Denis Leary in response to a fire that broke out in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, his hometown, in December of 1999. Over 75 firefighters ran into what some have called "the perfect fire" and six of them never came out. One was Denis' first cousin, Jerry Lucey and another Lt. Tommy Spencer, was a childhood friend and high school classmate. In an effort to find a positive way to deal with this overwhelming loss, Denis established The Leary Firefighters Foundation in the spring of 2000. The Leary Firefighters Foundation remains dedicated to keeping the needs of firefighters in the forefront of the country's awareness and to upholding our pledge to provide them with funding and resources to acquire the tools necessary to maintain the highest level of public safety. Source: www.learyfirefighters.org

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Leary Firefighters Foundation

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