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“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” – Jesse Owens

And sometimes some financial help. GWTC has long been a giving (time and money) force in the community and the surrounding area. From finding shoes, new and used, to buying hurdles, to covering travel cost, entry fees and much more, the club does its part to spread the benefits of fitness to everyone.

But needs are great in this period and we want to take advantage of new funding opportunities. Thanks to The Gannett Foundation, we might actually find some good in 2020. With the approval of the GWTC Board, the Diversity Committee has moved fast to support the efforts of Danny Manausa to secure a grant from the foundation of as much as $25,000. Danny successfully qualified the Club to apply for a grant. However, to continue our efforts, GWTC must raise $3000 in “new money’ between now and October 16th. Yes, our $3000 gets turned into $25,000 if we hit the home run.

What are we asking? Help us reach that $3,000 goal. If you can give, please give. Any donation is tax deductible and will be appreciated; any amount will improve the life of an athlete in our community. We realize a plea like this is unusual, but the opportunity is great. Any amount raised will go towards helping people in need regardless of whether we meet the $3000 goal. This is not something where the Club can write a check to cover the amount. The goal is to see member involvement to ensure that we are a community that wants to help those in need.

Nobody should be denied the opportunity to run. From kids starting in middle school programs, to retirees on a fixed income trying to get started, to someone who wants to race in a day chair, GWTC works to remove the barriers to entry for this sport.

All money raised will go towards assisting with purchasing shoes, registration for local area races, coaching and training in lower socio-economic communities, and assisting in other ways as determined and approved by the GWTC Board of Directors.

 We have an opportunity.  We have a chance.  We can make a difference

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