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As parents who have seen our children grow and thrive as a result of Light of the World Montessori Preschool’s program, we’re asking you to help the school through a temporarily difficult time.

Light of the World Academy was founded as a Montessori school in 2002 and has become one of the premiere schools in the state. LOTWA’s loving, caring, compassionate staff has been turning children into joyful scholars for nearly 20 years.

The K-8 school split off and became a public charter school in 2015, while the preschool program remained at Shalom Lutheran Church as a private Christian preschool.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and the remainder of the school year was canceled, Light of the World Montessori Preschool made two important decisions that it felt was the morally right thing to do:

1. The school refunded to parents the tuition money that had been prepaid for the months of March-June, costing the school tens of thousands of dollars.

2. The school decided to use its savings to keep paying all of the full-time staff at their full salaries.

When federal grant money became available to other entities during the pandemic, Light of the World Montessori Preschool was not able to access much of it, because it’s a Christian school. The school did receive some other small grants, and they’re continuing to pursue every grant that might be available.

The 2020-2021 school year was a difficult one with greatly reduced enrollment, as many parents felt hesitant to send their children to preschool while the pandemic was still ongoing. Light of the World Montessori Preschool again made the decision to not only continue offering a full program for five days a week, but to continue paying its staff their full salaries as long as it could.

The school had built up a substantial savings account through the years, but that has been depleted.

While prospects are much more encouraging for the coming year in terms of enrollment, the school now needs our help to bridge this temporarily difficult time.

If your child was ever impacted in a positive way by the education and love they received at Light of the World Academy’s preschool program, we’re asking you to consider making a donation. This current situation is temporary, but they need our help.

Light of the World has always been there for our children. Now we’re asking you to be there for Light of the World.


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