Women's Foundation of Lincoln & Lancaster County

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"Giving a voice to women in our community. Developing leadership.  Fostering change. "

Today's Women's Foundation is a group of diverse, dynamic women whose goal is to be a voice for women in our community and to develop programs that meet their needs.

The "Women's Voices" survey asked women in our community what their current needs and challenges are.  The Women's Foundation of Lincoln & Lancaster County will use your donation to create programming to help meet those needs.

Women make up 50% of the population, but they earn approximately 80% of what men make.  Women are under-represented in law-making and corporate bodies.  More and more are living in poverty and struggle to provide for their families.  Single mothers and their children and the elderly are especially at risk. WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue our efforts on their behalf. 

The Women's Foundation of Lincoln & Lancaster County is the non-profit organization that supports education, advocacy and outreach programs like the "Women's Health" television series, Women at Work educational programs, Civics Academy workshops to encourage and support women who want to become involved in policy-making bodies and many others.  Our Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign aimed at informing the public of the need for programming to aid those who suffer domestic and sexual violence and abuse.  The Women's Foundation will use your donation to continue addressing women's issues in our community. 

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Women's Foundation of Lincoln & Lancaster County

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Children & Family Community


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