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Literacy Partners - Menlo Park (LPMP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy programs and projects through fundraising and community awareness. LPMP is committed through partnerships to help community members enhance their reading, writing and related skills and education to improve their economic, professional and personal wellbeing.

Changing Lives through Literacy Testimonials

From a learner named Marie Rose:

The lessons are always interesting and I learn faster than I would in a normal class.  My tutor designs the lessons for my level and around my interests.  At the beginning of each lesson she helps me with words that disturbed me during the week.  I have learned how to talk about "pounds", "coins", "time", "countries", and "food".  My pronunciation has improved a lot and I feel more comfortable when I encounter new people.  We are reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

From a tutor named Bryan:

My time as a tutor in Project Read has been challenging, enlightening, and wonderful!  I have learned that English is a very hard language to master; the same few letters in one word are pronounced differently in another word, illogical spelling, lots of exceptions to the rules, etc.  As a result, I have a new found respect for the people who are trying to learn this difficult language.  At the same time I often feel that I am getting as much from the experience as my learner does.  I'm learning a lot about her culture, her experiences as she and her family try to understand and integrate in to our local environment, and the curious and interesting differences we discover about how daily living goes on in our two countries of origin.  The Project Read experience has been great for me.'

From a learner named Rocio:

My teacher has patience and if I do not understand something, he finds another way to explain it to me.  He has been very kind and he teaches me many important things like:  to learn to write checks and use numbers instead of words.  He helped me with some grammar.  He helped me to understand medical vocabulary and my medical insurance plan and options, that was very important.  Also this improved my interaction with doctors, nurses and receptionists and filling out medical forms.  We are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'dell.

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