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As the economy took a great nose dive in 2008, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation (LOH) sprung to life to help pets in need. LOH was founded as a grassroots response to the thousands of pets in need as a direct result of the economic downturn in general, and the Phoenix-area foreclosure crisis in particular.

The economic crisis took its toll on Arizona’s homeowners and workers and saw serious, sometimes fatal consequences for thousands of dogs and cats often left abandoned, underfed and thirsty in foreclosed homes while others were relinquished to area shelters. Now our community is experiencing an Evictions Crisis.

LOH is the Valley’s only organization dedicated to rescuing those pets abandoned or at risk of homelessness due to foreclosure, eviction or other financial hardship. The most obvious recipients of our assistance are the pets we rescue, re-home, and feed; however, the mission of LOH is linked directly to the human-animal bond. As a result, our target audience extends beyond the pets to include owners suffering financial hardship.

Over the past 12 years, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue has grown substantially to become an integral part of the community, and today it fills the gap that once existed for pets and pet parents in crisis. Lost Our Home delivers not only life-changing but also life-saving, programs that are breaking new ground in how pet rescue organizations today are interfacing with many of society’s challenging needs.

Lost Our Home's programs include:

Temporary Care Program:  provides up to 90 days of complete care for pets when their pet parents experience a life hardship and are unable to care for them temporarily. This relieves pet parents of the overwhelming fear of losing their pet and, in turn, allows them to solely focus on regaining stability in their lives so they can be reunited with their pet.

Pet Food Bank Program (Animeals on Wheels):  provides pet food and supplies to financially struggling individuals so they do not have to give their pets up simply because they cannot afford pet food during their time of need.

Pet Rescue Program for Abandoned and/or Owner-Surrendered Pets:  provides medical care, shelter and food, all while trying to find forever loving homes.

Partnership with Sojourner Center in Phoenix:  this is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the U.S. Together with Sojourner Center, Lost Our Home opened and now manages a Pet Companion Shelter on the Soujourner campus so that women escaping domestic violence can keep their pets with them while they heal.

Lost Our Home knows pets are part of the family, so we try to keep families together in times of crisis.


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