Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

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Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy was formed in 1995 by a small group of concerned citizens who saw our wildlife habitats and healthy environment slipping away.

With the exception of some very limited part-time help, we remain an all-volunteer organization made up of local residents who care deeply about the future of our environment and who want to share this love for the natural world with others.

We educate, we speak out, we engage people, we make connections. We make a difference:

Offer over 100 free environmental education opportunities (speaker programs and field trips) each year. Programs range in topics from bats to butterflies to gardening for wildlife.

Lead five major environmental monitoring programs that engage people as citizen scientists, getting outside to explore and enjoy nature! These programs include: Stream monitoring, Amphibian monitoring, Bluebird nestbox monitoring, Butterfly counts and Bird counts.

Organize numerous habitat restoration projects where we plant trees to restore stream buffers and improve local water quality, set up and maintained a rain garden with local young people, and engage volunteers in removing invasive non-native plants in order to restore native plant species and habitats.

Work in schools and teach our next generation about the wonders of nature.

Lead a nature camp, engage young people in exploring the outside world, and provide scholarships to teachers to attend environmental education training.

Lead and partner with other organizations in conservation advocacy to tackle issues such as establishing a stream ordinance for Loudoun county, protecting sensitive habitats from development; and increase the environmental awareness across the County.


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