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Take a moment to recall your first trip to a Zoo as a child, or the first time you took your own children or grandchildren to a Zoo. What do you recall about the experience?

  • The roar of a lion?
  • The staff caring for the animals or the food the animals were eating?
  • Learning about an animal's habitat and conservation efforts you can take to save their species?
  • The behavioral similarities of orangutans and gorillas to your little brother or sister? 


Everyone, no matter their age, has the chance to experience these moments and create new memories on each visit to your Louisville Zoo. Even today as a 34-year veteran of the Zoo world, the Zoo's Director continues to find things that make him smile, wonder, ask questions and learn.

Your Zoo provides the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a place to feed your own natural curiosities and that of your child or grandchildren. It's a place to create family memories and improve science literacy by encouraging him or her to explore, ask questions, think critically and develop solutions to address problems in the world around them. In fact, this is our mission. The heart and soul of what we do.  

Gifts to your Zoo to support the continuation of our efforts to be the best Zoo for you, your family and everyone in our region.

Your contribution today will support:

  • food, shelter and enrichment for our animal ambassadors
  • maintenance of your Zoo
  • education initiatives

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