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It was a decision she had to make.  A decision that would forever change the direction of her life.  A choice to either let the grief consume her or to get back up, dust herself off and make a difference in lives.  She choose to make a difference in lives. 

That was the thought Paula Nieto Koch had when she lost her beloved labrador "Luci" many years ago in a tragic accident.  In those moments of grief, she could either choose to be consumed by sadness or to channel her loss into something that would be a positive inspiration for others. 

Paula combined Luci's love for life with her love for horses and created The Luci Center, named after the Love, Understanding, Caring and Involvement characteristics Luci encompassed.  The Luci Center supports a mission to enrich the minds, bodies and spirits of children and adults with disabilities through horse related activities.

The Luci Center is a therapeutic riding program that utilizes horses to provide individuals with mental and physical disabilities the opportunity to enrich their lives physically, mentally and emotionally.  The Luci Center focuses on ability, not disability.  The combination of riders, horses, instructors and volunteers creates a team that works in a positive manner towards success. 

Therapeutic riding offers the student the opportunity to explore their abilities and conquer fears.  The horse's gentle, rhythmic movement increases balance, coordination and strength for all riders.  A bond forms between the students, horses, volunteers and instructors that creates a safe place to learn and develop trust, confidence and self-esteem in a peaceful, inspiring environment.  Riding not only exercises the body; it also exercises the mind and spirit.

You can become a part of this wonderful story by donating funds to The Luci Center.  Your donation will truly make a difference in the lives of our riders and horses by helping to purchase vaccinations, equipment for our riders, instructional tools, horse and barn equipment, horse feed and hay and many other items needed to support our program. 

Together we can ALL make a difference and provide the opportunity to challenge the mind, body and spirit by connecting individuals and animals through love, understanding, care and involvement.

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