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LegacyCorps is an AmeriCorps program that serves veterans, military family members,and their caregivers in northern Illinois. Through direct service in their home, transportation to outings, companionship, and education, we offer our clientshelp at no cost to them regardless of their income level.

In providing services to family members and caregivers we aim to give support to a population often overlooked. Studies have shown that, “Caregivers of veterans report more than twice the emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally,
almost three times the level of physical strain, and almost four times the level of financial hardship.” We have been able to help individuals and to generate groups for caregivers of
military families that produce friendships while offering education on pertinent topics from PTSD to TBI to Alzheimer’s.

For our veterans, we meet their individual needs while remembering the needs of the veteran community as a whole. There are reported numbers of between 22 and 35
veteran suicides a day and we strive to meet the hidden emotional needs of our veterans as well as some of the more visible physical needs. We have helped form support groups for service members from Vietnam, the Gulf War, Operation
Enduring Freedom (OEF), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and all that have followed, that provide a place for processing
their experiences and creating camaraderie among peers.

More than 65 passionate people volunteer in excess 30,000 each year to help our heroes. In monetary value, it is close to $1 million that is provided at no charge and would otherwise be passed onto the federal government to provide.

As of October 29, 2015 the statistics report 6851 service members have lost their lives while serving our country during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Inherent Freedom. 1,558 Amputations; 7,224 Severe Brain Injuries; 118,829 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and hundreds of thousands other injuries were suffered during our heroes service in the conflicts above.

It has been estimated that 8800 veteran suicides occur every year – every year, though it is reported that this number is inaccurate and low. Multiply that by the number of years we
have provided support in other countries wars and the sum is staggering.

For every person listed, there is family, two to twenty more people who directly suffered the loss of their loved one.

If the wars stopped today, (if only that might be true) we still have 90 years of service to provide to the veteran, his/her spouse and children, since they all experienced the effects from the service member’s commitment to our country.

In the last twelve months, Legacy Corps/LSSI has lost 13 veterans (two through suicide), eight beloved spouses and three children. We have stood alongside the survivors and will continue to offer our support for as long as needed.

America will never see the end of Veterans protecting our country. Help us serve them and protect them when they come home.

We have so much more to share about who we help, how we help, and how others can help us to continue our work.  Visit us at



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