Macdonald Training Center Inc

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MacDonald Training Center (MTC)  changes lives. 

MTC gives hope to the hopeless.

In our 64 years of service to the Tampa Bay community,  MTC's been a part of enormous transformations, often  giving hope to the hopeless.   MTC exists to provide the needed supports and services so that people challenged with disabilities may lead meaningful, productive lives. 

We proudly follow in the footprints of our founder, J. Clifford MacDonald who challenged the status quo by refusing to hide his son away in an institution. He opened schools and opened the eyes of the world to the abilities of those challenged with disabilities. Over the decades MTC has followed in his big footsteps,  with his determination, wisdom and willingness to challenge and change the system, to  give hope to families, that may feel hopeless. And, most of all, to keep our promises to the individuals who trust us with their lives. 

Today,  MTC is one of the few places in our county that will meet the needs of the  millennial generation and provide high quality instruction and job skills training for young people on the autism spectrum. MacDonald Training Center is launching EXCEL, an innovative IT training cohort, including technical and soft (social skills) that will prepare young people with autism for entry level jobs in technology or any environment where computer skills are needed!

 MTC as an organization has evolved from a preschool for children with special needs, into an innovative “disability neutral” career resource center.  Our staff is dedicated and compassionate, focused on refinement, improvement, quality, and expansion of services to both those with disabilities and our business customers.  As a result, MTC has transformed from a traditional sheltered workshop where individuals with disabilities did repetitive simple tasks, to a thriving job skills training enterprise which has packaged and shipped over 12 million Sun Pass transponders!

Our latest mission based business enterprise and job training program is an electronics recycling venture, e-Quality recycling which has a triple bottom line; job skills training for adults with disabilities, operational revenue to enhance programmatic services, and reduction of environmental waste. It is expanding into a great job training initiative for those on the autism spectrum. The Refurbishment program is a pathway to employment  for young people on the autism spectrum graduating high school with special education diplomas and little hope for employment.

While best known as a provider of employment services for those with intellectual disabilities, MacDonald Training Center also provides life enrichment supports for people with other disabilities.  We serve a large population of people who are deaf and hearing impaired, as well as other physical disabilities who are eager and willing to be part of the workforce. 

MTC artists create inspirational and beautiful artworks, attesting to their talent and abilities.  MTC provides meaningful day activities for  adults with severe cognitive challenges and assists  many medically frail seniors to age in place in their own homes or apartments.

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