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The Madeleine Choir School makes a pointed effort to offer admission to any child who seeks academic and musical excellence. The Choir School introduced a tiered tuition system in recent years in response to the demand for growth and need for expansion. This growth reflects a student body diverse in many facets, including socioeconomic. 

Your support of the Choir School through the Love UT Give UT efforts helps us to give opportunities to students who have such a passion for excellence in these areas.  Thank you for supporting the Choir School as we continue to provide leadership in education and arts in the great State of Utah.

Our History

The Madeleine Choir School originated in 1990 in the basement of the Cathedral as an after-school musical and choral training program for middle school students. Six years later in 1996, the Choir School was established as a full-time academic school of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, serving 100 students in grades four through eight. Since then, the Choir School has grown three-fold and continues on a trajectory to educate over 480 students annually by 2018 at full capacity in pre-kindergarten through grade eight at our historic Avenues campus. 

Since 2010 the school has added nearly 150 students to its community of learners. The talented faculty and staff have developed a rigorous academic institution with the extra musical dimension that also builds personal character and instills strong moral values. Over the last two decades, the population growth in our region has created a demand from families, drawing students from diverse religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in Salt Lake, Davis and Summit Counties. 


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