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As a mom, you know when things are not right with your child.  You don’t need a doctor to tell you this… but try to get one doctor to listen to your ‘mom gut’.  Visit after visit, you fight for your child and finally get the doctor to agree to testing, only to hear the words you were dreading… "I believe your child has a rare medical condition and frankly I've never had another patient with this, so I’d like for him to see a specialist.”

Well, I don’t know about you… but I didn’t raise my hand for this.  However when this hand was dealt to me, I needed someone to help me who had been here before.  When I reached out, I found other moms whose children were experiencing similar medical issues… and shortly after that, The MAGIC Foundation was formed.

We were legally incorporated October 29, 1989 in the state of Illinois. And recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS.  The humble "early days" forged the path of what is now recognized as:  The world's largest organization for growth related disorders.

MAGIC is guided by personal experience.  We know that it’s crucial for people everywhere to have support.  We began knowing about a few conditions & quickly grew to encompass numerous endocrine disorders.  While our children’s growth may be one of the first identifying factors, we have learned that “It’s not all about height, it’s about health”. 

As a foundation, we have brought together many rare endocrine disorders into the family of MAGIC.  Most people have never heard of the disorders that we manage daily & for that we are thankful.  Because if you know about the disorders & MAGIC, that means that your life has been forever altered. But if you have discovered The MAGIC Foundation, you have found a family of friends who will be there to help you navigate the new normal of your world. 

MAGIC holds an annual educational convention for families, publishes, a quarterly newsletter, hosts over 25 different Facebook groups, sends a Friday Email with current medical information, provides an insurance specialist, and we have hosted the first Leadership Summit of endocrine medical organizations.  And while we began as a children’s foundation, we have expanded into the adult related disorders too, as our children grow to become the affected adults.

While we are a support organization, we have found that research has advanced for many of our disorders because MAGIC has brought together the families spread around the world to one central database.  Physicians & researchers from around the globe come to us for help.  We are a resource that is unparalleled in the Endocrine world.

Your donation to MAGIC allows us to continue our outreach to families & patients, providing them with our resources… & continuing the work we started over 25 years ago. 

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