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The Supreme Court has struck down the Trump Administration’s attempt to terminate DACA June 18th 2020. Giving 700,000 DACA the opportunity to stay in the place they call home.

With this ruling, new applications will be accepted, and protections will continue for those who already have it. This comes in the middle of a global pandemic where unemployment is at an all-time high and our hard-working immigrant communities that have been most affected by Covid-19 were left out of any federal relief packages.

In times like these, our immigrant friends and families need you more than ever. Make the Road Nevada has made it possible to help 56 DREAMers to renew their application, but we need to help more!

With initial applications and fees, the costs for applying and maintaining DACA are extensive and may rise after this ruling. Since immigrants were not included in the stimulus packages providing financial support, the costs of applying and renewing are an additional expense many are not able to make. We need your help. Your donation will be exclusively used to help with expenses for DACA applications and renewals.

Please consider supporting other DACA beneficiaries with a donation a kind donation.

Make The Road Nevada (MRNV) is an non-profit organization that works with working class and immigrant communities to assist in emergency relief services alongside relentless and effective advocacy.

Our vision for Nevada begins with building a strong grassroots foundation in Las Vegas. It ends with elevating the power of working class immigrant communities in every community around the state.


Make the Road NV
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