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Buena Vista Auxiliary is a nonprofit volunteer organization committed to supporting children's literacy through the Buena Vista Tutorial Program, an early intervention literacy program for elementary age schoolchildren. The Buena Vista Tutorial Program has helped over 3,600 children improve their reading skills in a private, differentiated learning environment.  

This is a momentous year for Buena Vista Auxiliary as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of becoming part of Assistance League of Diablo Valley. We are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of our early intervention literacy program! We would be honored to have you join us in our fundraising efforts and hope you will consider making a donation to support our tutoring program. 



Since establishing the Buena Vista Tutorial Program in 1993, Buena Vista Auxiliary has raised $1.3 million, which has provided over 29,000 hours of tutoring and over 11,000 books to children.  

Currently twelve elementary schools in the Mount Diablo Unified and Walnut Creek School Districts participate in our program.  Your donation will be used to pay teachers to stay after school and tutor their students in a 2:1 setting, as well as pay for books and school supplies for participating schools. 



As a direct result of our program, over 97% of participating children showed significant improvement in their reading skills, self-confidence and self esteem. 

"With federal legislative requirements of No Child Left Behind and now Race to the Top, our schools are focused on continuing to strive to improve student performance.  The Buena Vista Tutorial Program is a crucial component in our participating schools' intervention programs, affording many of our students the extra reading and learning support they need to meet academic standards." - Rose Lock, Assistant Superintendent, Mount Diablo Unified School District

“Over the last seven years, our API scores have gone from 395 to almost 700. The Buena Vista Tutorial Program has had a lot to do with that success…It is truly transformational to see the increase in confidence and self-esteem in the tutored children.” - Carol Benninghoven, Liaison and Tutor, Ygnacio Valley Elementary 


The supporters of Buena Vista Auxiliary make all this happen. With your help, more children will be given the gift of reading and the confidence to know that they can learn and succeed in school.  

100% of your donation is tax deductible, Tax ID Number 94-1730025.  Thank you!!

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