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A non-profit organization with a century's tradition of providing safe housing and supportive services to women in our community who are in need.

In 1914 the Mary Elizabeth Inn was founded by Mrs. Lizzie Snyder Glide. As a woman of vision, Lizzie also built Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. Lizzie's legacy has provided a safe haven for women and her commitment to the community is still evident today.


With an awareness of the great need for affordable safe housing for single women who were coming to San Francisco seeking employment, schooling, or leaving behind family turmoil, Lizzie Glide worked to make such a home a reality.

In 1914 Mrs. Glide built and furnished the building at 1040 Bush Street and named the building after her two daughters. Mrs. Glide then donated the Inn to the United Methodist Church. The Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church still holds the deed to the Inn today. The Mary Elizabeth Inn is part of the Caring Connection of institutional ministries of the United Methodist Church.


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