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In 2014, we procured land in the Southfield Business Park in Centennial, CO with the hopes of starting construction soon-after, but, to our disappointment, the the business park where the property is located denied our religious use of the land. We filed a lawsuit so we may fulfill our dream and build our Mosque. With the grace of Allah, we prevailed! More over, the city of Centennial and Souhfield Business Park have approved our schematic designs, clearing the last hurdle for us to move forward.

We Need Your Support

Now that the design phase is under way, we need your support to raise $500,000 by September 2020 to complete this important milestone and secure a wire tap, the connection to the main street water. We will get to the construction phase, insh'Allah, within 8 months. As the land has already been paid for, all your donations will go towards the design and construction.

Our Services

Despite the on-going struggle of praying across hotels in the DTC area, Masjid Khadeejah has continued to deliver key services to the community. We offer two Friday prayers with more than 350 attendees. Our Sunday school now enrolls more than 100 students, from 5 year-olds to high-school students!

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