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The Friends of Master Gardeners is a non-profit founded in 1997 to support the financial goals of the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County.  This program is an educational outreach of the University of California Cooperative Extension which operates for scientific and educational purposes, promoting horticultural education and services to the community and providing continuing horticulture enrichment for its members.

Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County

With more than 300 certified Master Gardeners representing 13 communities throughout the County, our organization reaches more than 5,000 individuals annually through demonstration gardens, library talks and educational classes, garden tours, community gardens and our hotlines. 

Funded mostly by the ‘Friends’ organization, the Master Gardener Program is a valuable asset to the communities of Santa Clara County and will remain so through generous donations from you, local sponsors and partnerships.

Martial Cottle Park - Our Future and a Glimpse into Our Past

 Located on 287 acres of land in South San Jose, the new Martial Cottle Park will showcase Santa Clara County's agricultural history.  The land, part of the original Rancho Santa Teresa Mexican Land Grant, was purchased by Edward Cottle in 1864.  His heirs passed the land on from one generation to the next until Walter Cottle Lester and his sister Edith became the final owners of the Cottle property. 

Henry and Edith were determined that the large parcel of land they owned should never be converted into strip malls or housing.  Therefore, California  Department of Parks & Recreation and Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation, put together a partnership agreement which allows Santa Clara County to manage the large city park.

Martial Cottle Park will offer interpretive programs that focus on the County's agricultural heritage, often referred to as the "Valley of Heart's Delight." 

Inside Martial Cottle Park

Most of Martial Cottle Park will remain in active agricultural use under the management of a Master Farmer.  The park itself features centuries-old oak trees and large open grassy spaces, old falling down fences, and ultimately, interpretive areas. 

A Windfall for Santa Clara County Master Gardeners

A sizeable piece of the property, about 4+ acres, has been set aside for use by University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), specifically for the Master Gardeners and 4-H. A team of Master Gardeners have already begun to compile a wish list of future needs. It will take time and funding to fully utilize the parcel.

The "Friends of the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County" are today, kicking off a fundraising campaign to draw attention to this remarkable opportunity. 

NOTE: to get a sense of how large this parcel of property really is, if you're a walker it will take 4 miles to walk the perimeter.



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