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The Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation has been in existence for nearly three decades and has successfully produced twenty-seven classes and counting of future leaders. We think of our teachers, volunteers, and donors as much than a helping hand, but as family. This also goes for our founder and our MJYF staff that keep Maynard’s legacy alive and help guide and shape the minds of our current students and future leaders on a day-to-day basis.

MJYF understands that a more caring world is a better world. We empower our future leaders to keep in mind that every individual is deserving of kindness and love. By instilling this in our youth we ensure that our future generations that follow them will grow up in a world that is well taken care of and in communities that not only watch over each other, but thrive.

Who we surround ourselves with says leaps and bounds about who we are as people. Because of this, we aim to build positive networks and communities for our students.  By surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who are also on the path striving for higher education and a bright future we ensure our students a healthy environment to reach their goals. By building this powerful network we have allowed all who come through our doors a wide net of individuals to assist them with their future endeavors.

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Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation Inc

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