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Imagine being homebound and having to wait until a family member or a caregiver comes by to leave your home. Or imagine how you would feel if you used a wheelchair and needed to use the bathroom but the doorway wasn't wide enough to fit your wheelchair through. What if you didn't have the strength to lift yourself up to use the bathroom. How would you care for yourself? What if you didn't have the money to pay for much needed safety repairs - your floor was warped or your faucet leaked? What would you do about windows that were craked or a broken heating system? What about your storm door that won't close? What if your roof or door is leaking and water is coming insided? What if your yard was a mess and your neighbors were complaining? What would you do?

Help is just a phone call away! Project Mend-A-House, based in Prince William County and Manassas, VA, has been helping people stay in thier own homes for over 27 years and with your help, they can continue to live safely and indendently in their own homes for as long as possible!

Volunteers build ramps, widen doors, install daily assistive living devices  (grab bars, hand rails, portable ramps, raised toilet seats, hospital style beds, transfer benches, etc.), take care of simple and some more complex home repairs, and help maintain our clients' homes. They also take care of the yardwork for our frail and financially challenged clients.

Project Mend-A-House volunteers are very excited to be starting A Gift for Kevin - An Accessible Bathroom for a local teenager who has muscular dystrophy. This is one of the largest projects undertaken in the history of the organization. Volunteers and business partners are building an eight-foot bathroom addition onto Kevin's home. No longer will Kevin's Dad have to lift him from his bedroom to the tiny bathroom. Soon, Kevin will be able to wheel right into a new accessible bathroom. Your gift will help restore Kevin's dignity so he will  be able to use the bathroom safely and independently.

Please help Kevin and countless other senior, disabled, veterans and low-income folks remain safely and independently in their own homes. Help restore their dignity and allow them to have a better quality of life. Your gift will make a difference!


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