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Mercy Neighborhood Ministries (MNM) is a human service organization that serves nearly 1,500 unduplicated individuals annually. We promote the empowerment of individuals with a special focus on disadvantaged women and seniors through proven programs that educate, foster self-sufficiency and support enhanced quality of life. MNM has a long history of providing services for very poor seniors living in low income and inner city neighborhoods of Cincinnati. Our senior clients are generally in their 70's to 80’s living on extremely or very low incomes. The majority live alone with limited or no family support and has at least one, but usually more physical or mental disabilities that impair their ability to conduct their activities of daily living. In addition to seniors, the individuals who participate in MNM’s workforce and development programs primarily are  women, many of whom are single mothers.

MNM accomplishes its’ mission through adult education, workforce development and job retention supports, home health care, senior services, crisis and food assistance, and payee services. MNM has a twenty-eight (28) year history (as Healing Connections Associates 1992-2007) training, employing and retaining at-risk individuals as home care aides, and a twenty-four (24) year history (as Mercy Connections 1997-2007) educating adults to attain workplace readiness  and technical skills. A list of our programs and services are detailed below:

  • Home Care Services for 65 seniors living in inner-city neighborhoods and under-served by existing programs. We provide over 15,000 hours of care annually to help seniors maintain their independence and maximize their health.
  • Home Care Aide Training and job retention support for 50 at-risk job seekers.
  • ABLE/GED, remedial tutoring, and basic workplace skills training for 50 adult learners.     Workplace assessments and testing using KeyTrain and WorkKeys are provided for 300 individuals annually to identify their aptitude for a specific career pathway.
  • Hospital Worker Readiness Program for 50 individuals who demonstrate an interest in, and aptitude for, a health care career in a hospital setting. Participants complete a six week program that includes the Health Care Core Curriculum from the University of Minnesota and KeyTrain support toward achieving a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). Graduates are directly connected to local hospitals for employment in entry level positions.
  • State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) training for 50 individuals annually.
  • Monthly senior services for 150 older adults, including advocacy, spiritual visits, social activities, financial management and counseling, and access to our food pantry.

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