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Mid Ohio Guardianship Services, Inc. (MOGSI) is a nonprofit volunteer-based guardianship program.  We provide guardianship, for the 21 and over, who have been deemed incompetent by the Probate Court.  People like you and I may experience mental illness, neurocognitive conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, or have other impairments that may call for additional support.

The clients we serve have no family, no appropriate family, or in some cases, we become appointed, where due to family dynamics, it is more appropriate for an outside party to serve as the Guardian.   

We become the Guardian of Person only, seeing to the client's medical and placement decisions.  A large majority of our clients are indigent, however, if they have assets, we secure a pro bono attorney to be Guardian of Estate.  As Guardians, we advocate for our client's safety and well-being.

The community benefits by guardianships, as individuals have a designated person that advocates on their behalf to ensure that the individual is receiving the services that they need and community resources are being utilized. With the growing need for knowledgeable and accessible Volunteer Guardians, we are meeting that demand!  

The client's quality of life becomes immeasurably more positive!  The role and responsibility of the Guardian is to act in the best interest of their clients and to have them in the least restrictive environment.  

As the Director, I rely on the assistance and expertise of numerous volunteers. I carry a caseload and presently oversee 22 Volunteer Guardians that serve 45 individuals, and the need continues to grow.

Please consider donating to our non-profit so that we may continue the good works of advocating for those vulnerable adults.   

Thank you for your consideration.  

Please visit our "in the works"  website at www.mogsi.org

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