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Midvale City began the Community-Building-Community Initiative (CBC) in 1998 to improve the general well being of Midvale residents. Data were identified that indicated problems at the community level. The data were largely health related—high suicide rates, high infant mortality, high mobility rates, high teen pregnancy rates, limited health and dental care access.

Program Philosophy: 

• Empower people by educating them about available services in the community 
• Create a supportive community by encouraging neighbors to know and help each other. 
• Decrease mobility by increasing the use of supportive services. 
• Increase the feeling among community residents that they live in a safe and supportive community. 


Guided by the diverse collection of Midvale City residents, we will create a community of networks and partnerships within Midvale City so that all residents will be empowered to access educational opportunities and services that will help them to achieve their maximum potential and eliminate poverty. We recognize the ethnic richness of the community at large and commit to providing a continuum of social supports and economic resources so that timely, collaborative, family-centered services can be accessed by all members of the community


1. HEALTH:  We promote access to health care and prevention for Midvale City residents.

  •  Volunteer Dental Clinic

-Full Dental Services

  • GKSD Dental for children
  • Volunteer Community Clinic (U of U)

-Primary Care Services

-Senior Care

-Pharmacy Assistance

-Physical Therapy

-Vaccines/flu shots

  • Midvale Health Fair
  • Diabetes Outreach (Westminster College) 
  • Stress Reduction  

2. STABLE FAMILIES:  We promote stable family lives through classes and workshops.

  • Soccer Academy
  • Parenting Classes

- Families More United

- Love and Logic

  • ESL Classes-ESLC
  • Civic Engagement Classes  

3. EDUCATION:  We promote education and academic achievement

Afterschool and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

  • Voices Program-Cornerstone
  • Living Skills-Cornerstone
  • S.P.O.R.T.S.
  • Making a Difference (MAD)
  • Teen Outreach Program (TOP)
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Early Intervention (La Escuelita)

4. SAFETY: We promote solidarity in the neighborhood through workshops teaching codes of safety behavior. 

  • Car seat safety classes
  • C.E.R.T. (Spanish)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • CPR/ First Aid

5.  INCOME:  We provide classes and workshops to help families obtain economic independence. 

  • Club de Madres-Community classes and workshops for woman
  • Financial/ Budgeting classes


Mauricio Agramont
Executive Director

Midvale Community Building Community Inc.  801-566-6191 office

801-5666192 fax

Medical – Dental Clinic:385.887.9002


































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